Product Guide: 2014 Marketing Tools

From 3-D printed business cards to custom greeting cards to branded e-mail, this year's product guide for marketing will help you find ways to get your real estate brand in front of buyers and sellers.

January 13, 2014

January is the time of year many agents launch marketing plans that put new tactics to the test. In this marketing product guide, you’ll find four articles that will help you identify new low-cost ideas for getting your brand out in your market and in front of the right people.

Real estate varies widely, whether it be location, price point, or niche, so not all products will be the prefect fit. Practitioners must also take into account their brand, their interests, and what suits their clients’ needs. That’s why we try to provide a variety of marketing options — from DYI video services to customized maps to 3-D printed business cards. We hope you will find at least one takeaway from this product guide to integrate into your 2014 marketing plan.

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