2014 Tablets: What Your Peers Are Using

A couple of practitioners dish about why they chose their tablets.

July 3, 2014


Three years ago, Ed Neuhaus, broker-owner of Neuhaus Realty Group in Austin, Texas, decided he could operate his business with a tablet running Google Drive and Google Apps in the cloud. A Mac and iPhone user, he opted for an iPad 2, while his partner went for a Samsung Galaxy. Today, they collaborate seamlessly through their tablets and the cloud, writing contracts, searching the MLS, and downloading listings. “It’s with me all the time,” Neuhaus says of the iPad Mini he now carries. “Wherever I am, I can pull up anything I need. I just can’t imagine being a slave to a desk anymore.”

Finally Sold

“Most tablets don’t do a lot for me,” says Gene Allen, a sales associate with Resh Realty Group in Virginia Beach, Va. In fact, he had no intention of buying one until he discovered Lenovo’s Yoga 10 Android tablet. “The things that got me are the 18-hour battery, the screen brightness, its built-in stand, and the fact that I can plug in all sorts of devices.”

Allen paid less than $300 for the Wi-Fi version and connects to the Web using his Motorola Droid Maxx phone as a hot spot. “I’m using it for downloading information, taking notes, and all I can do with Android,” he says. His only regret: He didn’t pay extra for a warranty upgrade. The screen cracked when he dropped the tablet a few months after he bought it. “If you’re going to get one of these, get that insurance,” he stresses.