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Negotiating to Everyone’s Satisfaction

It’s hard to keep buyers and sellers on the same page. Use these six tips to help both parties feel like they’re walking away with what they wanted.

How Brokers Can Supercharge Their Agents’ Business

Five rookie agents reveal the most valuable lessons and advice they received from their real estate mentors.

Earn More Business (and Money) Than the Average Agent

The median income for REALTORS® is $39,800. As a new agent, use these tips to boost your career at the beginning and follow a more lucrative path.

No More Missed Connections at Open Houses

It’s hard to engage every visitor during a busy marketing event, but these tips can help you carve out a moment to connect with each individual guest.

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Marketing Your Business

Selling Difficult Listings

Agent throwing lucky charms over shoulder

In the Trenches: The Coin Toss

An agent discovers his lucky charm in the backseat of his car. Find out if it helps his business, plus other tales from the field.

Tell Us Your Sales Story

Did you recently sell a challenging listing? Or perhaps you have a funny story to share about life in the field, or an especially important lesson you learned in your first year of real estate. We want to hear about it!

Working with Clients

Learn how to protect your clients' interests when the home you're showing has a hidden camera watching your every move.