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7 Ways to Keep Customer Service a Priority

The relationships your agents build with their client base are arguably the most important to the future health of your company.

3 Brokers Walk Into a Bar: Boston

Professionalism, training hurdles, commissions, and sales meeting incentives were among the hot topics in this first-in-a-series chat with brokers.

Introverts vs. Extroverts: Who’s Really Better at Sales?

It’s a common assumption that more outgoing individuals make stronger salespeople. But what does psychological science have to say about it?

Be Clear on Co-signing Perils

If it looks like a jointly held mortgage will be the answer to getting the transaction done, don’t sugarcoat the facts.

Relationship Management Advice

Appealing to Buyers

Selling Difficult Listings

Tell Us Your Sales Story

Did you recently sell a challenging listing? Or perhaps you have a funny story to share about life in the field, or an especially important lesson you learned in your first year of real estate. We want to hear about it!

Connecting With Clients

The most valuable resource agents can offer clients is an authentic, relationship-based connection.

woman sitting at kitchen table, checking her phone

5 Ways to Be High-Tech and High-Touch

Technology should be used to harness meaningful connections, not replace them. Here are ways your agents can get face-to-face with clients using tech.