Learn How You’re Hard-Wired

Sally Hogshead’s Fascination Advantage test identifies your core skills that help you provide the most value for your clients.

September 17, 2012

Why do customers choose one agent over another? Why do we trust certain people and not others? Looking for answers, Sally Hogshead, a marketing expert who has worked with Fortune 500 brands, started researching why some people are more likable, interesting, and valued than others.

Beginning in 2006, Hogshead conducted personality tests on more than 100,000 people in a variety of fields and levels of professional achievement. Studying the results, she identified seven personality traits that fascinate others: passion, trust, mystique, prestige, power, alarm, and rebellion.

Hogshead examined how those seven triggers coexist within an individual to form a personality archetype, which led to the creation of her Fascination Advantage Test.

“When you understand the impression that you make on other people, you can maximize that,” says Hogshead. “It’s like a turbocharge button for your personality because there are times you need to ramp it up. You’ve got an interview. You’re meeting an important client. You’re giving a speech. What is it that you can do or say that’s going to be more effective than what your competitors can do or say?”

Maybe you’re the Wise Owl: observant, assured, and unruffled. Or the Watchdog: aggressive, alert, and cautionary. These are examples of Hogshead’s personality archetypes, which are associated with the triggers that make you most persuasive and captivating.

Here are three ways you can apply your own fascination triggers in business:

Wow them with a first impression.

It’s important to introduce yourself in a way that helps the other person understand the benefits of being connected with you. “It’s incredibly important when we’re introducing ourselves to a new client, or even when we stand up to make a presentation, that we use those first few seconds strategically,” Hogshead says.

Embrace your skill set.

Hone the skills that come naturally to you, she says. Think about moments when you’re completely engaged: maybe when you’re reading an article, in a conversation with a client, or totally immersed in a project. Perhaps you love writing and you’re working on a blog that feels effortless, even joyful. Being able to recognize these moments will help you in marketing your assets.

Know when to ask for help.

Most of us are aware of our weaknesses. Maybe yours is maintaining your Web site or keeping in touch with past clients. Being cognizant of your struggles can help you make better business decisions, Hogshead says. “The point is not to fix something but rather to maximize your advantages. When your business is grounded in how you’re wired, you become more valuable.”

Erica Christoffer
Product Manager

Erica Christoffer is the product manager for REALTOR® Magazine, driving growth and helping make data-driven decisions for the editorial products and programs that fall under the publication's umbrella. Erica also co-manages the magazine's 30 Under 30 program. During her tenure as an editor, she wrote and edited hundreds of articles for the magazine and launched the Broker to Broker section. Connect with Erica via email: echristoffer@nar.realtor.