Four Ways to Ensure a Successful 1997

December 1, 1996

Before 1996 runs out, make a pre-New Year's resolution to ensure that your 1997 production is as good as, if not better than, this year's. To help you along, trainer Mike Ferry, of The Mike Ferry Organization, Newport Beach, Calif., says:

  1. Get to know all the people you don't know but should know. 1997 may be a tough year. Typically after an election, when reality sets in, there's a swan dive in sales. But anyone proactive is going to have a good year. Start by introducing yourself to people you've been intending to meet.
  2. Spend time following up strongly on the solid leads you have. Quit hoping and praying, and sending three recipes, five follow-up letters, and four pumpkins to a few holdouts. Find out whether prospects are going to buy or sell. If they're not, throw the leads away.
  3. Upgrade your professional presentation skills. Some trainers still advise salespeople to spend two hours with prospective sellers. Go in with the attitude that you'll be in and out in 15-20 minutes. That's what sellers want.
  4. Be open-minded about letting buyers and sellers get together for negotiations. Don't have separate, secret meetings. Salespeople can take 10 hours to hammer something out, whereas buyers and sellers might take only 10 minutes.
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