8 Etiquette Rules to Live By

June 1, 1997

It's basic stuff, but a little etiquette goes a long way.

Monica Klein, a salesperson with Chicago-based Coldwell Banker--Kahn Realty, offers eight easy ways to maintain smooth relations with your colleagues.

  1. When salespeople call about setting up appointments, return their call within 24 hours.
  2. If you know you can't make an appointment, don't wait two days to cancel. Call immediately.
  3. If you're paged, return the call. That unfamiliar number on your pager may be a salesperson you've been trying to reach.
  4. When salespeople call for your feedback on a showing, respond. Be honest and don't tell them the prospects loved a property if they didn't. If the prospects said something specific, pass it on.
  5. When another salesperson is showing your listing, don't try to sell the prospects on another one of your listings or condemn another listing they've just seen.
  6. If you pick up keys for someone's listing, be responsible and drop them off on time.
  7. Save aggravation when preparing a contract by making sure you fill in all the blanks and having your prospects sign and initial everything properly. If you write on the back of the contract, make sure your notations appear on all copies.
  8. When a salesperson drops off a contract and asks you to call, do it. There may be something that needs to be explained. And don't wait two days to respond to a salesperson on an outstanding contract. Even if you haven't received a response from the buyers, a courtesy call is nice.

Elyse Umlauf-Garneau is a Chicago-based freelance writer and former senior editor with REALTOR® Magazine.

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