Always Be Closing--Warmly, of Course

November 1, 1997

Your closing skills can be measured, says Gregory M. Lousig-Nont, Ph.D., an industrial psychologist who has created a sales aptitude test to do just that.

Las Vegas--based Lousig-Nont & Associates’Sales Success Profile assesses salespeople's strengths and weaknesses in 13 areas, from interpersonal skills to overcoming objections. Your relative scores determine whether you're the ideal--a balanced aggressive closer(see “Portrait of a Balanced Closer”).

“Balanced closers don’t appear pushy and soften their aggressive style with a caring approach,” Lousig-Nont says.

If you're extremely aggressive, your closing score will be—not surprising—high, but both your polite-courteous and friendly-warm scores will be low. “These high-pressure people,” Lousig-Nont says, “aren’t good in positions where long-term repeat business is desired.”

The flip side, of course, is the noncloser who's friendly, polite, and courteous but won't ask for the sale.

Lousig-Nont (800/477-3211; in Nevada, 702/732-8000) sells Sales Success Profile tests and self-scoring software for a base price of $50 per test, which comes in packets of five. The company gives discounts for multiple orders.

Portrait of a Balanced Closer

Percentages indicate the ideal score in each category, according to the Lousig-Nont test. Higher scores are reflective of ideal balanced closers.

Ethics 100%
Ability to close 95
Overcoming objections 94
Approach-involvement 90
Call enthusiasm 90
Qualifying 89
Friendly-warm 80
Time management 75
Prospecting-cold calls 70
Polite-courteous 58
Presentations 49
Telephone technique 46
Handling problems 10

Christina Hoffmann
Senior Speech Writer

Christina Hoffmann has covered real estate and homeownership for two decades, including as REALTOR® Magazine managing editor and’s content manager, with added expertise as owner of a demanding 100-year-old house. She is currently a senior speech writer at NAR.

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