10 Jobs an Assistant Can Handle

March 1, 2006

Are you bogged down in tasks that don’t seem to help you achieve your goals? Then you need to leverage the talents of others to help you get the job done more efficiently, effectively, and profitably. Here are some responsibilities you can delegate to an assistant:

A licensed assistant can:

1. Coordinate home inspections and appraisals. That includes setting and confirming appointments, preparing paperwork, and even attending meetings with appraisers when necessary.

2. Help with open houses and showing properties. An assistant can schedule appointments, develop a driving route for showing properties, and even show properties when needed.

3. Provide listing assistance. Use an assistant to update the MLS and other databases and prepare listing packets and packets for out-of-town buyers.

4. Facilitate closings. That includes providing documentation for the broker and coordinating details, such as date, location, and documents needed.

5. Write advertising copy. Writing catchy, accurate, and legal real estate ads takes someone who fully understands the real estate business.

An unlicensed assistant can:

6. Handle general administration. With an assistant ordering office supplies, filing, organizing files, typing, and tidying the office, you’ll be freed up to work with clients.

7. Take on marketing tasks. Expand your business by using a marketing assistant to develop and implement direct-mail and e-mail campaigns. Your assistant can also maintain your mailing lists, print labels, and coordinate the labeling, sorting, and bundling of mailing pieces.

8. Route incoming phone calls. Make sure a friendly voice answers your phone. You’ll send a message that, even when you’re not in the office, all your bases are covered.

9. Maintain your database. Developing a user-friendly and effective database is time consuming — but there’s no more effective prospecting tool.

10. Manage bills and billings. As important as this task is, it can easily be handed off to an assistant.

Source: Howard Brinton, STAR POWER Systems, Boulder, Colo.