Step into the Limelight

Overcoming performance fears can help you gain greater visibility, and more business. Get tips on working with the media, using improv to improve sales, dressing for success, and becoming a better speaker.

August 1, 2008

In an era when truly all the world’s a stage, what makes you stand out as a serious player among the million-plus real estate practitioners out there?

Knowledge, service, and hard work are the fundamentals. But where do you go to gain that certain edge?

Standing out from the crowd starts with breaking out of your comfort zone. To see how that’s done, we sat in as brave real estate practitioners in Chicago, tried their hand at improv. Then we visited a group of Columbus, Ohio, practitioners who were learning how to combat negative media attention head on.

Practitioners who completed these unconventional training sessions said they gained courage, clarity, and credibility in their interactions with the public and the media. Not a bad return during these challenging economic times.

Act I

Take the Stage: How Improv Can Help You

Act II

Media Training: Master the Art of the Sound Bite


Look the Part: Dress for Success

Act IV

Be a Better Speaker