What Buyers and Sellers Had to Say

We interviewed about a dozen recent home buyers and sellers about their real estate experience. Read what they had to say.

May 1, 2010

"I found [the listing agent] to be unknowledgeable about the house." —Buyer, New Jersey

"He always called and was always on time. He listened to what we wanted, was professional with everyone he worked with. He e-mailed me listings so I could check them out and before setting up time to visit." —Buyer, Ohio

"We love our agent; she couldn’t have been better. She was available to us all the time without our having to ask, making herself available even on personal time. She explained everything thoroughly along the way." —Buyer, Indiana

"She could have been more creative in keeping our house price competitive rather than just dropping the price after a few weeks. Admittedly, it was a tough market." —Sellers, Virginia

"We are very satisfied. Our agent was prompt, thorough, very upfront, informative, and very aggressive on our behalf. He made sure we closed on time even though there was a problem when the seller found out there was an encumbrance on his mortgage." —Buyer, Virginia

"There were a few small items that had to be resolved following the closing on the purchase of our house. We had difficulty getting our agent’s attention on some of those items." −Buyer, Ohio

"The home was a foreclosure, and for the three winter months of the transaction the lender wouldn’t [turn off the water], so the pipes froze and created leaks throughout the house. When we moved in, there were half a dozen leaks." —Buyer, Indiana

"She scoured the market and persevered until we found the right place. She provided much help in identifying the right price to offer." —Buyer, Ohio

"She wasn’t as aggressive in helping us look as we hoped." —Buyer, Ohio

"The mortgage underwriting and appraisal processes are unnecessarily complicated. The degree to which the comparable houses had to match the house we were interested in was unbelievable to us." —Buyer, Indiana

"I paid more than I needed to because my agent didn’t know anything about the short-sale process, so the seller and I had to find a way to bring more money to the deal." —Buyer, Connecticut

"Our agent kept the bank from backing out of the sale [on a bank-owned foreclosure]. The bank wouldn’t negotiate on anything, price or closing costs. Our agent was wonderful. She did all the paperwork efficiently, and walked us through everything." —Seller, Indiana

"The mortgage broker was completely shady. I’m pretty sure he lied about the rates and what he was doing. I even signed at a lower rate than I received, but somehow he "forgot" to lock in the rate. It wasn’t worth the legal battle to follow up with this." —Buyer, Virginia

"My agent was relentless in finding a home in a stable neighborhood that met my budget, and she was instrumental in negotiating with the other agent and sellers in getting the price down. She made it a point to update me and explain every step, even though this was the sixth home I had purchased." —Buyer, Illinois

"My agent was very accommodating. Since I was in the hospital, he cleared his schedule whem my family members were visiting to show them the houses. He did his homework and got us a good deal. He also came with a team of recommended people: an appraiser, lender, cleaner, inspector—the whole package. He was exactly what we needed." —Buyer, Virginia

"He could have been more proactive about finding homes for me to look at. [The agent was assigned to me] from a discount program that I had when I was renting an apartment, so I had to use this person to get the discount. I would choose a different real estate professional if I moved again." —Buyer, Texas

Additional reporting by Patricia Fancher.

Robert Freedman

Robert Freedman is the former director of multimedia communications at NAR.