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A Makeover for MLSs

Multiple listing services have pivoted quickly since the pandemic began, adding flexibility to their platforms and relaxing enforcement of certain rules.

September - October

While individual MLSs are making their own tweaks to their systems, these trends have taken root nationally:

  • Virtual tour and showing capabilities have been baked into MLS platforms.
  • A higher number of photos per listing enables greater visual representation of a home in lieu of an in-person visit. There’s no uniform number of pictures allowed across MLSs, but many previously allowed 30 to 70 and increased from there.
  • Property description fields that allow for a greater character count so pros have more space to explain a home’s features.<
  • Online training delivered on platforms such as Zoom.
  • Suspension of enforcement for rules stating that a property must be available for showings if it’s in active status and that showings must be conducted in person.
Rene Galicia

Rene Galicia is NAR’s Director of MLS Engagement based in Washington, D.C.