5 Innovative Ways to Market Yourself

Ensuring that past clients call on you again, you must remain visible and relevant, even in those in-between years.

April 1, 2009

The average home owner moves just once every seven years, according to research by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. Here are some ways that real estate practitioners are staying top-of-mind.

1. Become part of their wakeup routine.

Chicago’s Dream Town Realty creates specially branded bags of coffee and sends its best clients a pound of beans each month. The effect is simple: Dream Town’s branding is in front of its customers every morning.

2. Make friend requests. 

Many professionals think of LinkedIn as a network for colleagues and Facebook as a place for keeping in touch with friends. But savvy real estate professionals understand that Facebook is a dream for staying up to date on client’s life happenings. Once you’re networked with past clients, you’ll be clued into when they’re getting married, having a baby, and changing jobs—big life events that often trigger a move. You can also post articles about the housing market, mortgage rates, and property listings. Facebook also keeps track of birthdays, so you have no excuse not to mail that card or drop a line.

3. Make it an event. 

Host an annual event each year to keep your visibility high. Every Halloween, The Wonder Women Team of Keller Williams North Pointe in Oklahoma City sets up a trick-or-treating stop in front of a home they’re selling. They photograph children in their costumes, with parents’ permission, and then mail the photos to the parents with a branded magnet to hang on the refrigerator. Why not host an Easter egg hunt this April? Or a neighborhood community service project? Creating positive experience for your clients will keep them calling you.

4. Save them some money. 

In West Orange, New Jersey, broker Ken Baris of Jordan Baris, REALTORS®, has taught his sales associates to throw neighborhood get-togethers at which home owners file petition papers to lower their property taxes. He prepares the paperwork and invites everyone on the block to come to one house. Partygoers fill in a few items in the paperwork, enjoy some wine, and wait for their petitions to be approved. "People will remember you if you’ve helped them save cash," Baris says.

5. Pack it up. 

Angie Matessa, owner of HER Real Living in Columbus, Ohio, realized that since she was in the moving industry she should brand items to help her clients move. She personalizes moving tape with her company logo, her name, and her phone number. "I give tape to someone when we start looking at houses," Matessa says. She distributes more tape when the client actually makes the move, and often it remains on the boxes for months and years to come.