Too Busy for the Gym? Get Fit on the Go

You can't take your business to new levels if you're not feeling your best.

April 1, 2010

Rosalinda Morgan, CRB, e-PRO, associate broker with Century 21-Laffey Associates in East Norwich, N.Y., shares how real estate professionals can stay healthy and energetic amid hectic schedules.

Do yardwork. Mow your lawn, clean up the garden debris, rake leaves, and pull out those nasty weeds. Before you "outsource" your lawn care, think about how much exercise you could get if you did it yourself. There’s also a prospecting perk: Being outside gives you a great chance to chat with the neighbors and passersby. Don’t forget to wear your company T-shirt!

Take a walk, even when you drive. It’s inevitable that you’ll spend a lot of time in the car. But when you get close to your destination, park your car a few blocks away instead of right in front. Not only will a brisk walk help you burn calories, but you can consider each walk a fact-finding mission to learn more about your community.

Help with housework. Want to earn some major customer-service brownie points? Offer to help sellers clean their home before it hits the market. Vacuuming is a great form of exercise, as is washing windows and running up and down the stairs to put things away.

Plant some veggies. You may be surprised at the positive effect gardening will have on your mental and physical well being. Pushing a wheelbarrow loaded with potting soil and compost works your upper body and your legs. It also gives you a nice conversation starter when you meet green-thumb clients. Other reasons to start planting: Homegrown veggies taste great and will save you money on groceries. Visit to get started.