What They Like About You

Buyers across the country share what qualities they look for in real estate professionals.

April 1, 2010

REALTOR® Magazine spoke with a handful of consumers who participated in the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®’ 2009 Profile of Home Buyer and Sellers. Our goal: to highlight the professional qualities that make customers want to do business with you again and again. Respondents asked to remain anonymous.

Here’s what they had to say.

You represent their best interests. "When we were pitted against sellers’ agents who were unscrupulous, dishonest, or just plain difficult—and there were far more than I ever imagined—our agent went to the mat for us every time, never backing down from fighting for what was right. Through it all, she just kept reminding us that the right house was out there." Third-time buyers from Colorado

You love your job and you show it. "Our agent didn’t have the most experience or education, but she had heart. She clearly loved what she was doing and she became ‘family’ to us." First-time sellers from Illinois

You take away the stress. "He educated us about the real estate market; listened to our likes, dislikes, and concerns about the properties we toured; led negotiations; and gave us sound advice as buyers. When it came time to sign the papers, he made the process as smooth and stress-free as it can be when you’re buying a house." Second-time buyers from Georgia

You’re honest. "As first-time buyers, we really needed guidance, and we needed someone who would answer all of our ‘stupid’ questions without judgment and with a real desire to help us find our first home. We also needed someone who would level with us and tell us if our desires were realistic, or if an offer was realistic. Our real estate agent was definitely all of these things." First-time buyers from Maryland

You provide guidance and support. "On the day we put up a For Sale sign, we had no idea what a rollercoaster ride we’d be on for the next 12 months. Our practitioner was unfailingly optimistic and a realist when we needed one. When the contract on our dream house went south, she cried with me, maybe harder than I did." First-time sellers from Texas