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10 Popular Winter Home Destinations

Vacation home rentals and sales have surged since the pandemic began. Some popular spots may surprise you.

Best Markets for First-Time Buyers

What makes for a great market for a young novice house hunter? A new survey identifies the top metrics and potential markets.

Where Did People Move to in 2021?

Long-distance, state-to-state moves saw an increase this year. Here’s where new residents were heading.

Mortgage Borrowing Sees Record High in 2021

With home prices having increased by double digits, mortgage lenders issued $1.61 trillion in purchase loans last year.

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Did you recently sell a challenging listing? Or perhaps you have a funny story to share about life in the field, or an especially important lesson you learned in your first year of real estate. We want to hear about it!

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Agents are relying on technology more than ever to communicate with clients and show houses.