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Real estate sales tips, strategies, and marketing information to help you succeed

5 Ways Real Estate Investors Can Manage Cash Flow

If you or your clients own rental property, consider these financial strategies to bridge your income during economic uncertainty.

Build Your Marketing Prowess

Three approaches can help you develop a sharp personal brand.

Talking Turkey With Clients

A farm property that could support poultry production needed upgrades to have viable income potential.

3 Predictions for the 2021 Rental Market

Many renters have transitioned into homeownership during the pandemic, and rental demand and prices are dropping in major cities. What’s next?

Relationship Management Advice

Working With Clients

View of the side of a condo building

The Condo Market Is Rebounding

For buyers being squeezed out by rising single-family home prices, condos offer a chance for homeownership in big cities.

Selling Difficult Listings

Tell Us Your Sales Story

Did you recently sell a challenging listing? Or perhaps you have a funny story to share about life in the field, or an especially important lesson you learned in your first year of real estate. We want to hear about it!

Best Business Practices

Agents are relying on technology more than ever to communicate with clients and show houses.