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6 Steps to Secure Your Router Against Cyberattacks

Your personal Wi-Fi network is a prime target for hackers. To protect yours and your clients’ private information, beef up your cybersecurity at home.

The Ultimate Smart Home: Switches

Smart switches allow homeowners to control interior and exterior lights via a smartphone app or through Amazon Alexa or Google Home devices.

Apps That May Be Draining Your Phone

If your phone is often operating at a lull, you may want to take an app inventory.

Top Opened Email Subject Lines

Want more consumers to click on your messaging? Use topics like “Just Sold In Your Area” or “Six Steps to Get Your Home Ready for a Listing.”

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How the Pandemic Spurred Cybercrime

While internet crime rose in 2020, losses from real estate wire fraud fell, suggesting real estate pros and clients are tuning into hacking risks.
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NAR Announces REACH Classes

Second Century Ventures, NAR's investment arm, announces the newest residential and commercial real estate tech tools the association is betting on.

Marketing Your Business Online

Smart Home Tech

Risk Management

Online meetings can be even more effective than in-person meetings. Here's how to do them the right way.