Cool Tools: May 2007

May 1, 2007

Let your phone protect you

Use Push 5 to convert your cell phone into your own personal security system in case

of an emergency. The one-touch alert system (press No. 5 on your phone) sends a silent alarm via e-mail and text message to up to 12 of your chosen contacts, informing them that you have an urgent message. It also supplies them with your contact information. And you can record a message to send or have your contacts instantly join you on a conference hotline. Push 5 can be added to any phone. $24 per year. Boma Systems Inc., Carmel, Calif.; 831/531-2910;

Add photos to your sign riders

Display interior property photos in front of your listings on 24-by-6-inch signs to

attract drive-by buyers’ attention. Photo Sign Riders can display four property photos, three photos and your logo, or three photos and brief bulleted text descriptions of the property. Both sides of the sign are printed with the same information. Once you sell the property, give the signs to buyers as a closing gift. Pricing starts at $16.95 depending on size and quantity. Photo Sign Riders, Folsom, Calif.; 877/690-7446;

Watch fish as you flush

To create a unique and much-ballyhooed bathroom, have your clients add fish to their

commode with the new Fish ’n Flush all-in-one aquarium toilet tank. The 2.2-gallon aquarium, which fits most toilets, wraps around a clear inner acrylic tank and operates separately from the toilet tank. The kit includes a two-piece aquarium, flushing system, and aquarium items. An optional light, $25, keeps the tank illuminated in the dark. Fish aren’t included. $299. AquaOne Technologies Inc., Westminster, Calif.; 714/898-7016;

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