Framed For Sale Signs, Instant Downloads, and Sticky Clips

A monthly rundown of the latest gadgets that can help you succeed in real estate.

June 1, 2008

Give Your Signs an Edge

Fancy up your For Sale signs and give them high-class visibility with Lincoln Lawn Frames. The lightweight frame slips over your existing For Sale sign, replacing the traditional metal frame with an eye-catching white border to make your signs pop. Choose from five finial frame tops—from a Gothic style to Newport and Teardrop designs. Plus, add up to two six-inch top riders to your signs to feature your name and contact or property information. Large frames—more than 36” wide or 36” high—are also available to accommodate commercial property signs. Prices range from $96 each for 1 to 4 frames to $78 each for 50 or more. Lincoln Lawn Frames, Cherry Hill, N.J.; 866-511-3399;

Instant Photo Downloads

The Eye-Fi Card is a wireless networking and memory card combo that you can place inside your camera to send photos through your home’s Wi-Fi network directly to your Windows or Mac PC—cable-free. Your computer must be running the Eye-Fi Manager software to sync with your camera. With the software, you can designate folders that you want your photos to be automatically uploaded and saved into. You can even choose to have your photos automatically delivered to a photo-sharing Web site. Suggested retail price is $99.99. Eye-Fi Inc., Mountain View, Calif.;

The Paper Clip Reborn

Here’s a simplified organization solution: a paper clip-sticky note combination. With Clip-Tabs, you can clip up to 30 sheets of paper together and jot down a note on the smear-proof, sticky paper attached to the top of the Clip-Tab paper clip. You’ll be able to clip and label, all in one step, for bookmarking and filing important business documents or organizing papers for customers. The colorful paper tags with embedded clips come in yellow, blue, red, and green. Suggested retail price starts at $2.79 for a set of 24. They can be purchased at major office supply stores. Clip-rite, San Francisco;