Get Smells Out, Devices Charged, and Feedback Sent

Find out about the latest technology tools, closing gifts, and products that can help you succeed in real estate.

September 1, 2008

Get Rid of Stinky Car Smells

Yes Essentials promises that you’ll never have to worry again about clients being distracted by your car’s odor while you chauffeur them to listing appointments. From coffee spill stains to yesterday’s fast-food lunch, the company has you covered with its new line of car fabrics and mats that claim to resist stains, odor, and static. Custom-made floor mats and seat covers, available in various colors and prints, are designed so that stains—such as grease, red dirt, and permanent marker—can be removed with just soap and water. $110–$235 for floor mats and $350 per row for seat covers. Milliken & Co., Spartanburg, S.C.; 888-937-1241;

In Charge

Recharge all of your electronic devices at once. With the Callpod Chargepod, plug up to six small electronics—cell phones, PDAs, Bluetooth headsets, cameras, and navigation units—into one plug or even your car’s outlet. The Chargepod adjusts its voltage to power up six gizmos simultaneously. $39.95 for Chargepod base. The base does not include adapters to plug in your devices. Adapters can be purchased separately for about $10 each. Callpod Inc., Chicago; 312-829-2680;

Collect the Feedback You Need

Keep your sellers well-informed about each potential buyer’s reactions to their home. Centralized Showing Service’s FeedbackCentral offers an easy way to survey practitioners who show your listings by having them respond online to such questions as what buyers like most or least about the property and what needs improvement. With the company’s survey builder, you can add your own questions or use one of four survey templates. Provide the showing agent’s e-mail address and FeedbackCentral will send an e-mail feedback request—or call—on your behalf. You’ll get a report of the survey’s findings to share with your sellers. $7.95 per month for individual plans; $29 per month for office plans. Centralized Showing Service, Overland Park, Kan.; 866-369-3215;