Fast Floorplans, Game of Real Estate, Housewarming Box

A monthly rundown of the latest gadgets that can help you succeed in real estate.

March 1, 2009

Floor Plans in a Jiffy

Buyers love to see floor plans, but creating one can be a hassle—unless you outsource it. MeasureComp has a team of 500 technicians across most U.S. markets that make house calls to collect measurement data. The plan is available in PDF format within two business days. Use the plans in marketing flyers, virtual tours, and more. Services can be scheduled online. Floor plan measures start at $99 for up to 3,000 square feet. MeasureComp LLC; Oak Park, Mich.; 800-248-8982;

The Game of Real Estate

Board games in the office? It’s all part of a day’s work with Mogul, an educational game that’s designed to simulate actual real estate transactions and management. Created by Joel Harden, a self-made millionaire and real estate developer, Mogul tests players’ knowledge of interest rates, cap rates, mortgages, zoning, due diligence, and money management. Get tips for wise investments while learning how the economy affects the real estate industry (and vice versa). Play with colleagues or your family. $99.99. Real Estate Mogul Corp.; New York, N.Y.; 877-676-6485;

Box Full of Goodies

Help new buyers feel right at home with the perfect gift. The Housewarming Box is brimming with practical and luxury items to help families settle into their new home. Emblazoned with the greeting "Welcome Home," the elegant-looking box opens to reveal two layers of gifts, including a flashlight, measuring tape, box cutter, paper towels, hide-a-key, celebratory champagne flutes, sparkling cider, and a record-keeping book for all the home information. $124.99 per individual box. It’s All In The Box; Castle Rock, Colo.; 877-424-8287;