Fashionably Safe

A beautiful new tech tool sets out to help you be both secure and edgy.

September 17, 2014

Just in time for REALTOR® Safety Month in September, this new tool will have you feeling more secure and more stylin’ at the same time. A new company called Cuff has created wearable technology—including bracelets and pendants—that discreetly holds a “CuffLinc” that operates as a distress beacon if you’re ever in trouble. It works by sending notifications to a “first responder” of your choice via an app on your Android or iOS smartphone. Simply press and hold the CuffLinc for three seconds, and the jewelry will vibrate lightly to let you know the message (which includes your location, live audio, and any additional information you’ve programmed the app to send) was sent successfully.

Designed for both men and women by founder Deepa Sood, who was until recently a vice president at Restoration Hardware, the jewelry represents a nice mix between classic and modern. The company is planning to work with independent designers in the future to try to expand its offerings. The style is effortless, but so is the upkeep: The battery lasts a year so there’s no need for regular recharging. CuffLincs are $30; jewelry starts at $49. Cuff, San Francisco []

Meg White

Meg White is the former managing editor of REALTOR® Magazine.