An App That Shows Where Your Writing Went Wrong

This free tool can help you learn from common writing mistakes and choose clearer language for all types of communication.

January 21, 2015

Sure, we all recognize that mean squiggly line that appears under our mistakes in word processing programs. But aside from actual misspellings, how much do we really learn from them? Well, you might be able to learn something from Hemingway. That’s the name of a clever web app and desktop program that aims to help you create clearer, more concise language. Simply paste your composition into the free online program and you’ll immediately see color-coded clues for how to simplify words, use active language, and cut out the rambling. For a small fee, download the desktop version, which may even be robust enough to replace your current text editor. The desktop version can check your composition without an Internet connection. Also, those who publish to the web will appreciate the ability to automatically turn text into HTML markup without having to write out tags. The HTML preview shows up next to what you’re writing, so you know exactly what your text will look like before posting it online.
The desktop version is $6.99 for Mac or Windows [].

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Meg White

Meg White is the former managing editor of REALTOR® Magazine.