Clean Sweeps

Here’s a tiny, yet powerful, tool to keep your listings tidy.

January 21, 2015


From house hunters tracking in dirt to sellers who fail to consider the curb appeal of a freshly swept stoop, real estate is messy. Prepare for the inevitable with the small but mighty Broomy. The sleek, compact package contains a full-size broom, brush, dustpan, and bristle cleaner, folding down to around the size of a tablet. And this basic tool doesn’t seem to have lost functionality in the downsizing process; the ergonomic considerations applied to this centuries-old device, like an off-center handle and ridges for removing dust, will have you wondering what took the broom industry so long to wise up.
$24.99; Viatek Products; Chattanooga, Tenn. []


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Meg White

Meg White is the former managing editor of REALTOR® Magazine.