Give Augmented Reality a Try

Plenty of AR apps already exist for those who want to test out the tech.

March - April

Here are a few.

CURATE by Sotheby's International Realty

© Sotheby's International Realty

For home design: Like Sotheby’s International Realty’s Curate app, several furniture companies, like Wayfair and Ikea, along with others, like roOomy Reality and Houzz’s View in My Room 3D, offer design apps using augmented reality. Users can try out furnishings while viewing the actual space through their phone’s camera. Home Depot’s Project Color app also allows you to test out a room’s paint color before committing to a shade. Street Peek


For home shopping: Pan your phone around a neighborhood to view popups of listing price information, sold dates, estimated values, and more through®’s Street Peek app. It uses AR to reveal information bubbles over properties users are viewing. A similar app fromHomeSpotter also provides active and sold listing info overlays
through a device’s camera.

Wayron navion driving

© Wayron

For driving directions: Have GPS navigation superimposed onto the road as you drive from listing to listing. EyeDrive from EyeLights projects an image of driving directions onto your windshield. You’ll never have to look at your phone for the next step. Likewise, using a high-definition camera that sits on your windshield, WayRay’s Navion offers a similar AR navigation system.

HomeSnap app

© HomeSnap

For taking house measurements: Homesnap’s Walk the Property Lines provides a real-time, physical view of a property’s boundaries through its AR app. Your smartphone or tablet displays the property lines on top of a view of the property captured by your device’s built-in camera. Or, turn your phone’s camera into a tape measure whenever needed. Measured by Lowe’s is an app that can measure anything you’re viewing, such as the height of a wall.