Let Your Fingers do the Surfing

September 1, 1997

In addition to E-mail and cybergeeks, the World Wide Web has spawned a virtual army of regional Internet Yellow Pages--2,200 of them, in fact, according to The Kelsey Group, a high-tech consultancy based in Cambridge, Mass.

And all of them are hitting on businesses like yours for ad dollars. What's a practitioner to do?

"Don't buy their claims of market superiority," advises Judy Slack, director of research and development for the real estate training company Tom Hopkins International, Scottsdale, Ariz. "But don't dismiss them too quickly, either. You never know who's attracting serious consumers."

She suggests that you

  • Get referrals from other practitioners
  • Ask how many people are checking the directories' real estate listings each day
  • Get a money-back guarantee or a free trial period

"At this stage of the game," Slack says, "you're doing the directories a favor to let them list you." So take advantage of it.

Curious about what the online directories are like? Visit a few:

http://www.cyberstreet.com/#2 lists real estate companies in southwest Florida.

http://www.endeavorcap.com is the "Michigan BizServe Yellow Pages" real section (only five listings).

http://www.kelseygroup.com is The Kelsey Group's Web page; lists more than 500 Yellow Page directories around the country as well as another 1,000 or so other types of Internet directories (white pages, business directories).

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