Web Site Reviews: February 1998

February 1, 1998

Use the Net to Increase Your Worth

Insight into investing is just clicks away with NETworth (www.networth.quicken.com/). For individual stocks, key in a ticker symbol or company name to check out current prices and see how your stock has done over time. You can also compare it with other stocks and indexes.

Mutual funds are covered comprehensively as well. View the top 25 funds in more than 40 categories and link to fund Web pages. If you're looking to expand your investment options, use the interactive Mutual Fund Finder to find the fund that meets your needs.

All's Fair in Housing

The Fair Housing Council of Greater Washington Inc. designed the Fair Housing Network Web site (www.fairhousing.org/) “as a resource to assist and inform consumers . . . and real estate professionals in their efforts to comply with fair housing laws and facilitate an open housing market free of discrimination.”

Click on Casenotes for an overview of fair housing settlements, happenings, and news. The Currents section includes links to Legislative Updates, which gives access to the actual legislation being debated.

The site is well organized and loads relatively quickly but could be hard on the eyes. The small type may strain even those accustomed to gazing at a monitor for long periods of time.

Notebook Computer Shopper's Dream Come True

If you're in the market for a notebook computer, ZDNet's NotebookUser page (www8.zdnet.com/products/notebookuser.html) is a must-see. You'll find product reviews, helpful tips for connecting from the road, and checklists. High-tech terms are explained in plain English, so you'll know whether the features you're considering are worth the price.

Singing the Tuition Blues?

If funding a child's college education looms in your future, you'll want to check out the Tuition Savings Calculator (www.ibc.wustl.edu/mort/tuition.cgi). The short, interactive form is easy to complete.

Simply plug in a few numbers, including the current annual tuition, current savings, and years until your child starts college, and the form calculates how much you'll need to save.

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