Tech Talk: Paperless Office

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September 1, 2000

Todd Clarke, CCIM
Grubb & Ellis/Lewinger Hamilton
Albuquerque, N.M.

How I’m different: I’ve been on the technology edge since I started selling multifamily properties 10 years ago. My office is so technologically integrated that my personal assistant left because she didn’t have anything to do.

Why I invested in technology: At first my interest in technology was as a novelty. I bought tools and tested them in the field. I found the tools that worked best for me and became one of the first "connected" salespeople. Now I won’t go anywhere without my laptop, not even to the car wash.

What I would choose for my one tech tool: Besides my laptop, it would definitely be my HP portable scanner. I scan all new documents into my laptop. That way, I carry around my file cabinets of information in a one-pound laptop. I can reference any transaction from the past four years without flipping through files of paper.

Web site I find most useful: I use my own site,, as an information station for my clients. They have 24-hour access to their transaction information. I post listings for buyers and update sellers on status. I just closed a transaction involving nine lawyers; the Web site kept us in constant contact without numerous phone calls.

Software I can’t live without: My contact manager, Paradox (

How my tech expertise makes me stand out: Other practitioners spend days gathering information and making phone calls to prepare a listing presentation. Because I have everything downloaded in my computers, I can pull together a listing presentation in 45 minutes. I use six color monitors to present the listing in my office.

How technology helps me make more money: By cutting down response time and research time, I can close deals quickly and manage multiple clients all at once.

How technology benefits my clients: I can answer clients’ questions on the spot. Clients are always impressed with my technological edge; they see it as a tool for serving them better.

Vanessa Sibley is a freelance writer based in Spokane, Wash., and a former editorial intern with REALTOR® Magazine.

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