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December 1, 2000

Between listings, paperwork, and showings, it’s tough to squeeze in time to sift through books, movies, or TV listings for quality offerings. Media Nugget offers a singularly offbeat tool in your search for entertainment gold. The site’s bright, young contributors take equal delight in esoteric intellectualism and pop culture junkiness. Visitors can tap into a rich vein of arts and entertainment recommendations.

Although tastes are subjective—you might not agree with all the reviewers’ opinions—the site represents a wide variety of perspectives. How can you not love a site that devotes equal critical attention to James Joyce’s literary masterpiece, Ulysses and Walt Kelly’s comic strip, Pogo? Some reviews also contain links to related creator articles and interviews and ordering information for their other works.

Not sure exactly what you’re looking for? Dig through archived reviews cross-referenced by date and category. You can also search all the entries from a specific reviewer. That way once you find someone who seems to share your tastes, you can follow their recommendations.

Or simply hit the "random" button for surprise suggestions. The latter option does get addictive, and a little surreal. Three sequential tries produced reviews of the dancing baby Web phenomenon, hard-edged rapper Dr. Octagon, and the selected stories of Guy de Maupassant.

The site is free, fun, and culturally broadening in a painless kind of way. You can even have it delivered automatically to your e-mail address without any intrusive registration. Whether you’re try to unwind or looking to get a handle on the cultural sensibilities of younger colleagues or clients, Media Nugget gives you a daily dose of entertainment gold.

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