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October 1, 2004


Have you ever been stumped by a client’s question? Or had a hard time getting an answer to a real estate question of your own? This site, which claims to be the oldest and largest free question and answer service on the Internet, is fueled by volunteer experts willing to share their knowledge on an array of topics, from direct marketing to interior decorating.

All you have to do is e-mail your question to one of the experts listed under each category. There's no guarantee, but experts typically reply within two to three days. To learn about each expert’s qualifications before deciding which one to e-mail, you can click the “View Profile” link beneath his or her name.

Here are some of the Web site’s features that could be useful to you or worth recommending to a client:

  • Real Estate. This section covers more than a dozen categories, including buying and selling, vacation homes, real estate mortgages, frugal living, and more. If you specialize in one of these categories, you can apply to be an expert and answer others’ questions.
  • Small Business. Need help writing a business plan or want to beef up your knowledge of e-commerce? This page will direct you to experts who can answer all sorts of questions about running your small business.
  • Home/Garden. Here’s where to head with questions about roofing and to find out whether that plumbing problem is in need of a quick fix or a major overhaul. You’ll also be able to e-mail experts about architecture, feng shui, and landscaping.
  • Are You an Expert? If you’re an expert in one of the Web site’s categories—or one that’s not even listed yet—and you have a penchant for sharing your knowledge, here’s your chance to apply to become a volunteer.
Kelly Quigley

Kelly Quigley is the former managing editor of REALTOR® Magazine.

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