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What you need to know: Find everything you wanted to know about technology and computer terms at this free Web site.

June 1, 2005


What’s the difference between a computer virus and a worm? If you’re warned of a phishing scam, what should you look out for? And when you get a text message from your new client that ends with “PCM,” what are you supposed to do? As you rely more on tech gadgets and computers to get business done, you’re bound to run into questions like these. For answers, go to Webopedia, a free online encyclopedia dedicated to computer and Internet technology definitions. You can search by term or browse by topic, so you can learn all about tools you’re thinking of buying or gain a better understanding of the ones you already own. Here are links to the features that will boost your technology IQ.

  • Webopedia’s Quick Reference Area. This reference section is full of information on common Internet and computer topics. Get a comprehensive directory of Text Messaging Abbreviations, or learn about Graphics File Formats for those listing photos you work with every day. You can access A Guide to Combating Spam, and read the Small Business Computing Essentials to learn about hardware and software you should use to operate a small business.
  • Did You Know? This is where you can get more in-depth explanations of questions you have about the technology you use everyday. Ever wonder, Are Deleted Files Completely Erased? Or maybe you want to know what factors to consider when Choosing an ISP (Internet service provider) or Why E-mails Bounce. These and dozens of other topics are covered thoroughly in this helpful section.
  • Term of the Day. Every day, a new term is featured here, complete with a full definition and links to other resources where you can learn more. On the left navigation under the “Menu” heading, you can enter your e-mail address to subscribe to a listserv to receive a new term by e-mail every day. Or, click on Previous Terms-of-the-Day for a list of words that were featured over the past month.
  • Webopedia Personal Search Tool. Search for computer and Internet terms from your Web browser—no matter what site you’re on. You can install a free Webopedia button on your Web browser’s bookmark toolbar (for Netscape users) or Links toolbar (for Internet Explorer users) by a simple drag-and-drop from this page. After you add the Webopedia button to your toolbar, you can highlight any term that appears on the Web and click the button for a definition, which will pop up in a new window.
Kelly Quigley

Kelly Quigley is the former managing editor of REALTOR® Magazine.

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