19 Text Message Abbreviations You Should Know

March 1, 2006

Texting on the go? You’ll want to have a few standard abbreviations in your text-message vocabulary. Just remember, most business communication should be the more formal variety.

To avoid a WOMBAT, we should ADD, AYEC, the remaining WRK. But IANAL, so PXT to the client. I know TTTT, but let’s set a deadline JIC. GL & KIT.

SLAP! MTF by COB. It’s AAP! THNQ! TSTB on the update.


TRANSLATION: To avoid a waste of money, brains, and time, we should address, at your earliest convenience, the remaining work. But I am not a lawyer, so please explain that to the client. I know these things take time, but let’s set a deadline just in case. Good luck & keep in touch.

Sounds like a plan! More to follow by close of business. It’s always a pleasure! Thank you! The sooner the better on the update.

You’re welcome & have a nice day. End of message