9 Ways to Get Your Blog Read

April 1, 2008
  1. Promote it on all your printed materials. Everything from your business cards to listing sheets to postcards should include your blog address. Your blog address should be as ubiquitous as your name and phone number in your marketing materials.
  2. Be conversational. Write as if you were talking to a client or a friend, not delivering a formal speech to the United Nations. If you’re not comfortable writing, get help. One source is Copyblogger.com, which has tips for online marketing writing.
  3. Pick a specialty. Write about something that interests you, be it older homes or sports cars. Giving readers insight into who you are helps them decide whether they want to work with you in buying and selling their homes.
  4. Allow syndication. Through RSS, or “really simple syndication,” you can distribute content across the Web and to individuals who subscribe to receive it.
  5. Be opinionated, boring blogs don’t get readers. Interesting ones grow through word of mouth as visitors tell their friends about you.
  6. Don’t talk about your listings. Blog visitors don’t want just listings; visitors can get those at any number of sites. They want to know about you and what you know that can help them make real estate decisions.
  7. Post regularly. Experienced bloggers say you should put up at least two new items a week. Some suggest writing every day to keep visitors coming back—and to help them develop an affinity to you.
  8. Comment on other blogs. Read other real estate blogs and comment on their postings. From your blog, include links to them and ask them to link back to you.
  9. Register with blog directories. That way people searching for real estate blogs will find you. Technorati.com is perhaps best known but there are others.

Try team blogging.

If writing every day seems daunting, team up with colleagues and set up a posting rotation. Some brokerages have established company blogs that have many contributors to keep a fresh flow of new items coming.