13 Texting Terms

Knowing the common shorthand of texting terms.

April 1, 2009

Texting is becoming a more common way for clients to communicate with you—perhaps to send a quick message about a listing or to let you know they’re running late. To decipher their message and send a quick reply, you should know the common shorthand.

BC Because

BTW By the way

CU See you

DRIB Don’t read if busy

EOD End of day

NRN No reply necessary

OTP On the phone

P&C Private and confidential

QQ Quick question

RFD Request for discussion

THX Thanks

U You

YW You’re welcome

Quick Tip: Another way to text faster is to use the phone’s predictive text feature, which may go by the name iTap, Word, or T9. Once it’s activated, your phone will guess what you’re trying to spell, saving you the time of punching in all the keys. If the word is incorrect, you’ll often be able to select from a list of similar words. Many PDAs have this setting automatically turned on, but you may need to choose the feature from your menu. Just be careful to proofread before pressing send—the phone doesn’t always guess right!

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