6 Tips & Tricks for a Mac

Known for their sleek designs, ease-of-use, and sophisticated software for editing blogs, videos, and pictures, Macintosh computers are finding a loyal following in the real estate industry.

April 1, 2010

Here are some tips for those new Mac owners who are using it in their real estate business.

1. Right click. Macs come with a one-button mouse, so some users assume they can’t use the same features available with a standard two-button mouse. By pressing the control key while you click the mouse, you can open the "right-click" menu options. On newer Mac laptops, you can do this by clicking with two fingers on the touchpad.

2. Run PC software. Programs such as Parallels (www.parallels.com) allow your Mac to run PC software. "I use Parallels to access my MLS, which operates only on Windows," says Nogui Aramburo Jr., of Coldwell Banker Howard Perry & Walston in Durham, N.C.

3. Press F11. If you want to hide all of your open windows, press the F11 button. If you want them to return, press it again.

4. Use the built-in tools. Many users make the switch to Macs because of the iMovie and Photo Booth software that comes already loaded onto the computer. "Most people believe that Photo Booth is just for taking photos and having fun with the special effects, but it can do video too. I create videos while I have downtime waiting for a client," says Sam Miller, CRS®, GRI, of RE/MAX Stars of Mount Vernon, Ohio.

5. Tag your location. The Macintosh’s iPhoto photo editing software allows users to specify the location where each photo was taken and sort images by this criterion. This is great if you’re trying to organize images of your various listings. "I created a folder called ‘Sam’s Active Listings,’ where I have my active listing photos," along with iPhoto’s own Events and Photos categories and individual folders for each listing address, Miller explains.

6. Become an iWeb master. Macs come with iWeb, a program that helps you design your own site. "It’s great for creating your own blog or personal Web site," says Stephen Joos, marketing director of HouseFront, a home valuation firm. He says iWeb comes with visually appealing themes, Google Adsense and Google Maps, and photo gallery pages. It also makes it easy to add widgets to your site.