Filter Twitter By Creating Lists

Twitter is the networking tool that enables you to post short (140-character) messages, called tweets.

March 1, 2011

When you register at and start "following" people’s tweets—for example, you can follow REALTOR® Magazine by visiting and clicking on the Follow button—those tweets immediately begin appearing on your Twitter home page as part of a continuous stream of messages from everyone you follow. When you tweet, your posts appear on the Twitter page of your followers.

If you follow many people, Twitter can be overwhelming, like a fire hose of information that never stops.  Fortunately, it’s possible to control the flow. Twitter allows you to set up lists of people to help you organize information; when you view a list, you’ll see just the tweets of users you’ve included in that group.

Twitter lists can be public or private. I use public lists to share and introduce people I follow.  I use private lists so that I can pay attention to the people who matter most to me. 

Have a carefully curated list of past, present, or prospective clients?  Keep it private.  No one sees this list but you. Have a great list of local resources that your clients might find beneficial?  Make it public. Now, everyone who follows you can see this resource of people they might want to follow. And those on the list can see that you consider them a resource.

Hootsuite is a free Web application (with extra features available in premium plans) that can be used to manage and monitor your Twitter streams. In Hootsuite, you create tabs and columns to organize your Twitter lists or set up new ones.  The benefit of using a tool like Hootsuite is the ability to instantly see updates from people who are the most important to you, filtering out noise that isn’t as valuable.