Time to Update Your Web Site?

Go through our list to assess whether you need to refresh your online presence.

April 1, 2011

It’s been five years since your last change. Did you have a blog five years ago? A Facebook page? Videos? Site registration? If you haven’t updated your site design to incorporate and promote these elements, now’s the time.

Your business has transformed. Have you changed your focus to REOs in the past few years? If your business has shifted significantly, make sure the content and design of your site align to those changes.

You’re unable to post content on your own. When the Internet was still relatively new, it was common to have a Web designer or webmaster make your content updates. But with intuitive, user-friendly content management systems such as WordPress; there’s no excuse for you to not have this capability yourself.

Your Web site looks generic. Ask people whose opinions you value to take a quick look at your site (preferably less than a minute) and then give you their at-a-glance impressions. If the feedback they give you is negative, consider finding a Web design expert to help you refresh the look.

Analytics show your site is falling off in key areas. Unless your goal is to build an audience, don’t get too tied up in stats like page views and visits. Instead, focus on metrics such as average time spent on your site and pages viewed per visit; these show how people engage with your site. Also, look at traffic sources, with attention to how many visitors are coming from search engines.

It’s not optimized for mobile users. Test it on your iPhone or BlackBerry. Could some key changes improve the way the site looks and works?