All or Nothing: Why You Should Go 100% Mobile

Your clients are spending more time on their mobile devices; so should you. Operating exclusively on mobile devices allows you to be quicker and more responsive to people’s needs.

August 14, 2014

I live by my mobile devices. I am always on the go and my phone is definitely an extension of me. My business is now set up so it can be run almost entirely from my phone. Whether I’m in line at Starbucks, at the gym, or traveling, you will see me interacting with some sort of mobile device.

My devotion to mobile was once considered unique and gave me an edge over my competitors. Now the mobile lifestyle is the status quo. My clientele is also constantly on the go, juggling multiple priorities, businesses, and responsibilities. So my clients expect and require me to have the ability to operate from anywhere.

Paperwork and contracts are a huge part of my life as a real estate professional. When I DocuSigned my first deal, it was a life-changer. Where paperwork was once the bottleneck of getting a deal closed, my clients could now sign electronically from anywhere. All the time and energy once spent chasing down signatures was eliminated, freeing me up to go after new business. Now that I have been 100 percent mobile for several years, I can share great tips to help professionals who are still making the transition. Each of these helped me grow my personal brand and better serve my clients:

Use Mobile and Social to Build Your Brand and Opportunities

Fierce competition in the real estate market calls for edgy tactics. Social media channels grant instant creative freedom to power your brand by making a statement on networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. By far the fastest and most immediate way to embrace your notoriety is to market yourself from your mobile device. Social media mobile apps create instant and endless fuel for curating your personal brand and looping your clientele into the hottest deals.

Don’t Go Back to the Office; Mobile Gets It Done Now

It’s time to shelve the desktop. I receive so many leads from instant social updates on my phone that I’ve come to believe that mobile should be the default tool for agents for announcing newly listed, recently sold, and newly reduced properties. Why wait to post pictures of new listings until you return to the office?

Keep your creativity spontaneous by showing off your success the moment it happens. No matter where you are, Twitter and Instagram are great forums for getting buyers excited about listings by highlighting unique features, promoting open houses, and creating awareness. When your clients see your success, they can envision how you will extend it to their property.

Load Up the Right Apps

When I’m not in connection with clients and colleagues, I spend a lot of time working with apps designed for real estate professionals. I’m always discovering new apps that make my life easier, and I have tried literally hundreds. Here are a few that I rely on:

  •®, Trulia, and Zillow are always on my radar. The majority of home buyers start their search online with these sites. I like to verse myself on what the consumers are looking at, but these sites also offer great marketing tools to practitioners, allowing them to track how many views each of their listings are getting on a weekly basis.
  • Key Me is another app my team uses. It saves the specifications of any key so that a locksmith can easily duplicate. We no longer have to waste time hunting down spare keys or waiting for expensive locksmiths to come out to a property.
  • Map Measure automatically finds the distance between a listing and other location points that might be important to your clients, such as their office or the beach. Apps like this one help me highlight points of interest in the surrounding neighborhood for clients who may not know the area. 

Run Mobile — But Don’t Let It Run You

Of course, everyone needs time to unplug; I do that daily with meditation, morning hikes with my dog, Maya, and making sure that I sincerely connect with whomever is in my presence.

Mobile devices have come so far in such a short time, and the sky is the limit for what is to come from mobile technology. I always look for ways to expand my arsenal of new mobile tools to streamline my workflow, make my life easier, and create more visibility for my brand. By focusing your practice around mobile, you can become a verb instead of a noun. Busy clients want agents who are synonymous with #action, and switching to a 100 percent digital and mobile structure is how to get there fast.