Become the Master of Your .REALTOR Domain

Don't know what to do with it? Here are some helpful suggestions, including using it to beef up your new® profile website.

December 3, 2014

So you claimed your .REALTOR domain, but you aren't really sure what happens next or where the domain is pointing to. (Maybe you don't know what I mean by "pointing to.") Don't panic. Let's see what we can do!

The National Association of REALTORS® rolled out its .REALTOR domains to all members in October, with the ".REALTOR" part taking the place of the standard ".com" part. For example, my .REALTOR domain is www.StefanieHahn.REALTOR. I am using my domain to point to my® profile. Your .REALTOR domain can point to your profile, your website, or anywhere else on the Web. If you still need to claim your .REALTOR domain, go to www.claim.REALTOR to get started.



You can also c

reate and forward an e-mail address from your .REALTOR domain to another e-mail address you own. (Click on the image on the right for a view of this function.) This can be anything you type in the "@yourdotrealtordomain" field (I simply used "me"). This e-mail address is an alias. You can use it anywhere you wish and it will forward messages to the e-mail address you designate. Click "Forward My Email" once you have this figured out.


Now you need to decide where you want to point your new domain. In the "Edit Name Servers" section, you can leave the domain on the .REALTOR servers (this is the default and just a holding tank, really), you can use the domain on your free profile website, or you can point the domain to the specific name servers for your website. Note: You will need to know your website's name servers for this one.


You can also just forward your .REALTOR domain by typing in the current URL at the bottom (on the left, just under the e-mail forwarding). This is probably the easiest way to connect your domain to your real estate website. For more information on the domains, visit www.about.REALTOR.®'s New Profile Websites

The new profile websites are not really new.® has dropped SocialBios from its vocabulary (mostly) and combined the set-up. Now, you can go to or and update your profile there.


If you were familiar with SocialBios, this new version is simplified: It has the standard "about me" section, recommendations, and connections to your social profiles. Consumers can read up on you and then reach out via the contact information.


Fill in your title, specialties, and the ZIP codes you serve. Type in your real estate website address and then your personal bio.  Please, for the love of NAR, bring some passion into your bio. Tell people how you are different, how you will make an impact on their lives, and what you specifically bring to the table.


At the bottom, you have the option to show some listing information — your price range and your listings. Check those off to showcase your work!


Recommendations are a necessity in our industry right now, and everyone is scrambling to rack up the positive juju via a peer recommendation. If you are just getting started with this profile, you might be feeling a little lonely in the recommendations section. Of course, you can ask people to recommend you or even wait around until they find you here, but there is a better way!







I love this® profile because it is one of the few that allows you to add a recommendation that you received somewhere else online (on LinkedIn, Zillow, etc.) or offline. Offline? Yes! Think about the thank-you cards you get: Ask for permission from the client who sent you the card to use their words on your profile, type those little golden nuggets in the form, and — poof! — you have an online recommendation. Sourcing the recommendation by adding a photo of the transaction and indicating how you know the recommender adds credibility, so do this every time.


Recommendations are easily shared by clicking on the share box at the bottom (after the recommendation is created). You can share to any of the social networks you connected to in the initial setup. Check your "Account Settings" section to add or edit your social networks.

Make sure you know where your .REALTOR domain is pointing to, and get that® profile up to snuff! You've got this – easy peasy.

Stefanie Hahn

Stefanie Hahn is the vice president of operations at Coldwell Banker Hearthside, REALTORS® in Collegeville, Pa. Visit her Web site: