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The Sun is Shining on Solar

The market for photovoltaic installations is hot, creating opportunities for home sellers and buyers.

Online Notaries Come to the Rescue on Transactions

One electronic notary predicts processing $100 billion in transactions this year—up from $10 billion last year.

Satisfy Your Smart-Home Curiosity

A new weekly podcast from NAR takes you through what’s here and what’s coming in smart-home technology.

10 Ways to Make Virtual Meetings More Productive

Whether you’re conducting sales meetings with colleagues or check-ins with clients, learn methods to improve your communication skills over video.

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Marketing Your Business Online

Smart Home Tech

Risk Management

Here are some tips that can help protect your business and your clients from cyberfraud scams.

dollar disintegrating into cyberbits

Avoid Cyber Liability

Failure to warn clients about wire fraud scams could mean financial loss for your clients—and legal trouble for you.