The Risk Reduction Toolkit

Risk is a part of life, whether you're crossing a street or developing a new niche for your business. Real estate brokers and owners routinely face an array of business risks associated with agency, fair housing, personnel, and other issues. Though exposures associated with your brokerage can't be eliminated entirely, they can be managed with sound strategies that anticipate, control, and shift risk in key business areas.

While many of our tool kits contain specific risk management advice, your brokerage needs to be ready for risks in a generalized fashion. Learn how to control risks by relying on quality service standards, quickly responding to disagreements, and tapping reliable legal advice.

Adopt Standards

Operating Benchmarks
How to Establish Standards


Risk Reduction Strategies

Be Proactive
Risk-Shifting Strategies
Avoid Risks
Control Risks


Control Client Risks

Listing Agreement Breaches
Warning Signals
Handling Escrow Funds