The Brokerage PR Tool Kit

There's more to public relations than press releases. In order to get the attention your company deserves, you need to make sure the message of quality resounds with your staff, customers, media, and the community at large. Use this tool kit to formulate your public relations plan and to look at your many distribution options, from word-of-mouth all the way to professional PR firms.

Plan for Publicity

Survey Your Staff
PR and Ad Consistency
Create a PR Plan
Low-Cost Ideas
Public Speaking Tips
Handle Negative Publicity

Customer Service

Why it Matters
Evaluation Criteria
Establish Standards
Services Customers Want
Overcome Bad Service
Solve Common Complaints
E-mail Use That Boosts Service
Determine Expectations
Survey Your Customers

Earned Media

Working With Media
Write Professional News Releases
Topic Ideas
Follow the Formula
Grab Media Attention
Who Wants to Hear From You

More Effective Surveys

Writing Tips
Q&A: Common Mistakes

Community Service

Giving Back is Good PR
Case Study in Service

Going Pro

Hiring a Professional
Agency Benefits