The Buyer Representation Tool Kit

The specialty of buyer’s representation not only requires knowledge of real estate markets and transactions, but insight into consumer behavior. The goal of a buyer’s representative is to find the perfect point of connection between the homes available in the market and the needs and financial capacity of the buyers.

Are buyers your new niche? Use this tool kit to find out if you have what it takes.


Top Skills
Better Listening
Bright Ideas

The Buyer's Rep Contract

Benefits of Representation
Items to Include
Setting a Fee


Buyer Motivation Types
Find Prospects
From Prospects to Clients
What Buyers Want to Know
Consulting With Buyers
Sites They'll Love

Agency & Buyer's Representation

Different Relationships
Dual Agency
Company Agency Policy
Q&A: Imputed Knowledge
Non-Agency Relationships
Due Diligence

Know Today's Buyers

Baby Boomers
Generation X
Q&A: Internet-Empowered Buyers

Getting Buyers to Close

Help Them Decide
A Winning Offer
Buyer's Checklist
Negotiating for the Buyer
Know Before You Negotiate
7 Deadly Sins
Avoiding an Impasse

Choose Your Client

What Can They Afford?
Prequalifying Questions
Reasons to Pursue Preapproval
Non-Traditional Buying Power
Problem Clients
Q&A: Identify the Problem
Firing Clients
Remotivate Reluctant Buyers

Buyer Rep Safety

Warning Signs
Safety Precautions
Practices to Improve Safety