The Closing Tool Kit

Closing is much more than the end of a deal; it's an opportunity to shine that happens to be full of potential trip-ups. Furthermore, the proverbial closing table can be stressful before, during, and after you and your clients are seated at it. This tool kit will teach you the skills to stay level-headed and keep the transaction on track.

Strategies and Tips

Top Techniques
Transaction Checklist
Keep Things Moving
Bright Ideas
Estimating Buyers' Costs
Estimating Sellers' Profit

Avoiding Problems

Transaction Trip-Ups
Why Customers Cancel Deals
High-Risk Transactions
How to Spoil a Closing
Resolving Disputes
Playing Psychologist
Narrow Saves
Avoid Commission Disputes


Make it Painless
Common Flaws
Strategies if it's too Low

Legal Issuess

Who Needs to be at the Table?
Q&A: Working With Attorneys
Documents Buyers Must Understand
Earnest Money Disputes
Determine Procuring Cause


Questions to Ask
Sample Checklist
How to Prepare
Most Common Problems


Why Title Insurance?
Components of Homeowners’ Insurance
What it Might not Cover

Walk Through & Moving Help

Walk-Through Checklist
Commonly Overlooked Items
Moving Checklist
Help Them Handle Stress