The Coaching, Mentoring & Training Tool Kit

Whether you're looking to start a comprehensive training and support program at your brokerage, or you're a newbie real estate practitioner looking for some guidance, this tool kit is here for you. Learn the many ways you and others can continue to grow professionally, no matter where you are in your career.

For Coaches/Mentors

The 5-Step Coaching Plan
Q&A: Coaching Tips
Mentoring Traps

Goal Setting

Triple-Track Performance
The Realistic Game Plan
Questions to Ask
Goal Boosters

Create a Program

Recruiting Mentors


Reasons to Implement a Program
Identifying Needs
Evaluating Results
How to Develop a Program
Training Materials
Online Learning
Get Organized
Be a Better Trainer
Q&A: Insider Tips

Do You Need a Coach/Mentor?

Selecting a Mentor
How to Approach the Search
Questions to Ask
Engaging a Mentor
Do You Need a Coach?
Basic Characteristics

Focused Programs

Q&A: Tailor to the Audience
Adapting to Learning Styles
Training New Associates
Training Experienced Salespeople
Training Unlicensed Staff
Training Managers
Q&A: Adult Learners