The Negotiation Tool Kit

Like many real estate skills, negotiation is more art than science. Practitioners need to be sensitive to the underlying forces behind objections and understand the complex motivations of both parties. This tool kit will help you understand the complex relationships that sometimes clash when trying to structure a deal, and how to take an offer through the negotiation process to the closing table.

The Emotions of a Deal

Understanding Motivation
What Makes Clients Tick?
Diffusion Techniques
Expressing Empathy
Q&A: Body Language Clues

The Offer

Prospects Into Buyers
Prepare to Present
Presentation Strategies
Elements of a Standout Offer
Contingency Clauses
How to Handle Multiple Offers
Q&A: Listing Agent's Duties

Improve Your Skills

Find Common Ground
Stay On Track
Become a Better Negotiator
Q&A: New Millennium Selling
Using E-Mail
Bright Ideas


Seller Dos and Don'ts
Presentation Tips
Why Buyers May Want One

Handle Objections

Making Concessions
Handling Problem Offers
Three Categories of Objections
Responding to Buyers
Responding to Sellers

The Sales Contract

Common Points