The Recruitment Tool Kit

Knowing who, how and when to hire applicants is merely one facet of ensuring you have the best team on your side. You need to make an effort to sell your company as the perfect place for top performers, leading managers and talented staff to work. This tool kit contains tips and strategies to take you through the process of finding the cream of the real estate crop, and how to market your brokerage to them.

The Plan

Why You Need a Plan


Attract Top Performers

What They Want
Sources of Great Salespeople
The Experienced Salesperson
Pro or Newbie?


Recognize Top Performers
Q&A: Find the Best
Q&A: Tips From a Pro
Unlikely Places to Look
Solicitation Materials
Writing Ads
Making the Hiring Decision

Attract Inspiring Managers

Traits to Look for
Where to Look
Q&A: Sales vs. Management Skills
Job Description

Attract Stellar Support Staff

Positions You Need to Fill
Q&A: Recruiting Assistants