The Sell Your Business Tool Kit

Part of your retirement plan may include the sale of your business. Just like selling property, this process requires intense preparation, focus, and specialized knowledge. But selling your business includes the added pressure of valuing, marketing, and letting go of a large piece of your professional life. Use this tool kit to navigate this difficult process successfully.


Is Now the Time?
Elements of a Successful Exit
Alternatives to Selling
Get Your Business Ready

Acquisitions & Mergers

Consider Compatibility
Questions to Ask


What's Your Business Worth?
Value Enhancers
What Buyers Want
What Buyers Don't Want
Q&A: Pro Pricing Tips
Prepare a Selling Memo

Getting it Sold

Your Business-Sale Team
Negotiating Tips
The Best Terms for You
Pro Payout Advice
Sales Contract Items
Seller Financing Protection
Tax Considerations
Selling Your Lists
Smooth Transition Tips

The Buyer

Buyers Near You
In-Company Buyers
Selling to Family