The Listing Tool Kit

Before you even get a chance to sell a home, prospective clients have to buy into the idea that you're up to the challenge. The listing packet and presentation are your opportunities to convince them. Use this tool kit to learn how to tailor your approach to the seller's comfort zone, pinpoint the perfect price, and answer any objection.


Prep With the 5 Ps
Prequalifying Questions
Powerful Packets
Before the Appointment
Mistakes to Avoid

Your Audience

Listen for Their Personality
Build Rapport
Converting FSBOs
Selling to the Seller
Working With Relocating Sellers


Listing Package Musts
Step by Step Tips for Painless Appointments
High-Tech Tips
Q&A: Connect With Clients
Bright Ideas
Counter Objections


Comparable Market Analysis
Dos and Don'ts
Counter Price Resistance
Q&A: Strategies

Your Commission

When Asked to Slash...
What Are You Worth?
Q&A: Fee-for-Service