Coaching Tips From a Pro

Al Mayer, CRB, president of Fred Sands in Malibu, Calif., talks about working hand-in-hand with salespeople to coach them to success.

What is most important in being a good coach for salespeople?

Mayer: Coaching isn’t sitting in an office telling salespeople they need to make more sales. Lots of coaches try to get production up without tying it to be a motivator for the person. Tie goals to salespeople’s motivators—the things that make them tick and the things that they want to achieve.

What are other mistakes brokers make in coaching?

Mayer: Too many brokers don’t go into the field to see how salespeople are doing their jobs to figure out what to teach. To be an effective coach, you have to watch their activities and see what each salesperson needs. It’s hand-in-hand, one-on-one, and being out in the field with the person.

What do you look for out in the field?

Mayer: If salespeople aren’t successful, either they’re not doing the activities they need to make sales or they don’t have the skill to complete the sales techniques effectively. You have to figure out which it is and focus your coaching and training accordingly.

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